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The first proper episode of DCOCD is here! Join Paul and Mike as they discuss the scope, big deals, legacy, and eventyness of the first big DC event – Crisis on Infinite Earths! World lived, worlds died, and the DC Universe was never the same thanks to


Plastik Dreamer

We made something special for @ambraofficial and @syriaofficial. We worked very hard for the new videoclip “Io te Francesca e Davide” in collaboration with the art director @laccioland. We shot this… read more



Dave Campbell’s Texas Football is proud to work with some of the best sports photographers across the Lone Star State, whose information is listed below. If you see a photo in Dave Campbell’s Texas Football or on and would like to get in contact with the photographer, look for their name below and contact them there!...


Alex Meub

Alex Meub is a product manager who’s passionate about building clean and easy-to-use interfaces.