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Barcelona 2018

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Santos FC Caratê

Santos Futebol Clube ( “Santos Football Club”), also known as Santos and familiarly as Peixe, is a Brazilian professional karate club, based in Santos, Brazil. Karate has been a practice within the club since 1982. Santos partnered with the “Academia Resistência”, with classes taught by Master Paulo Bartolo, deputy director of Santos. Bartolo has in...



Brinkman, Brinkmann, Brinckman, and Brinckmann are variations of a Dutch and German surname. It is toponymic surname with the same meaning as the surname Van den Brink: “(man) from the village green”. Notable people with these surnames include:


New Amsterdam Market

Leading the redevelopment of the East River Market District in Lower Manhattan, New Amsterdam Market is held from 11am to 4pm on Sundays, at the old Fulton Fish Market in Lower Manhattan which is located on South Street between Beekman Street.


Banksy’s new project tells the story of Palestine

Banksy’s controversial new hotel and museum in Bethlehem is more than just an interactive art gallery: it also, in the British street artist’s inimitable style, lays out the history of Palestine. By Dalal Erakat “Art has something to do with the achievement of stillness in the midst of chaos.” These are the words of Saul Bellow,...