Julius Malema bodyguard’s Durban office raided by Hawks

Julius Malema bodyguard’s Durban office raided by Hawks. The raid came after Snyman was caught on camera handing over what was believed to be a rifle to Malema at the EFF’s fifth birthday celebration in East London last month. Malema allegedly fired shots into the air with the rifle and later played down the incident when he said it was a “toy gun”. Police raided the Bluff property of Adriaan Snyman, EFF leader Julius Malema’s bodyguard, last week. Malema and his henchman now face arrest if police investigations confirm that the firebrand political leader had fired the gun. Political leaders
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Marlia Hardi

Marlia Hardi (also Marlia Hardy; 10 March 192718 June 1984) was an Indonesian film actress active from 1951 to 1983. Born in the Central Javan city of Magelang, she took to the stage in the 1940s before moving to Jakarta in 1949. Two years later she made her feature film debut in “Untuk Sang Merah Putih”. Over the next two decades she appeared in over seventy films, became recognized for her depictions of mothers, and received the Citra Award for Best Supporting Actress. Despite her productiveness, however, she sank into debt and committed suicide at the age of fifty-seven.
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