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Twan Huys

Twan Huys (born 24 March 1964) is a Dutch journalist, television presenter, and author. He is the presenter of the Dutch TV shows “Nieuwsuur” and “College Tour”. Previously, he worked as a correspondent and presenter for “NOVA”. The format of “College Tour” was conceived by Huys while working as a U.S. correspondent in New York...



Benedetta is a feminine given name of Italian origin, the feminine equivalent of the masculine name Benedetto, a cognate of Benedict. Persons having the name include:


Romanzo Criminale (novel)

Romanzo criminale is an Italian novel written by the judge Giancarlo De Cataldo and inspired by the true story of the Banda della Magliana, a criminal gang which operated in Italy in Rome between the late 1970s and mid-1980s. The novel, published by Einaudi, formed the basis for the movie of the same name (2005)...


Chick-fil-A Menu

Chick-fil-A Menu Information – including the Secret Menu, Menu Prices, Nutrition information, and money saving Coupons for the Chick-fil-A fast food chain.


Botafogo RJ-Cruzeiro Statistical Preview

Cruzeiro continue to be bizarrely toothless in the final third: they’ve managed only 18 goals – fewer than anyone bar Paraná and Ceará. And it might not change any time soon, with big cup games again…