Ava Muhammad

Ava Muhammad (born 1951) is an American Black Muslim. In 1998 she became the first female Minister to preside over a mosque and region in the history of the NOI. Her job as national spokesperson for Minister Farrakhan is among the most prominent in the nation — a post formerly held by Malcolm X under Nation of Islam patriarch Elijah Muhammad. Minister Ava Muhammad is also a member of the Muslim Girls Training (MGT). In addition to administering day-to-day affairs at the mosque Muhammad was named Southern Regional Minister, giving her jurisdiction over Nation of Islam mosque activity in Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and parts of Tennessee.
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“Irama” is the term used for tempo in gamelan. It can be used with elaborating instruments. It is a concept used in Javanese gamelan music, describing melodic tempo and relationships in density between the balungan, elaborating instruments, and gong structure. It is distinct from tempo (Javanese: “Laya”), as each “Irama” can be played in different tempi. “Irama” thus combines “the rate of temporal flow and temporal density”; and the temporal density is the primary factor.
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