Miriam Zach

Miriam Zach is a University of Florida professor and musicologist residing in Gainesville, Florida known for her work in the study of women composers. Zach’s published works in the area of female composers include a CD titled “Hidden Treasures: 300 Years of Organ Music by Women Composers” which was released in 1998 and the textbook “For the Birds: Women Composers Music History Speller”, and her collections of music and documentation about women composers formed the base of the International Women Composers’ Library, a music history library of which Dr. Zach is the current director.
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Red Alert (band)

Red Alert were а British punk/oi!-band, formed in Sunderland, England, in May 1979. The quartet recorded three studio albums and appeared on numerous compilations, including “Punk And Disorderly” (Abstract Records, 1981) and “Carry On Oi!” (Secret Records, 1981). Three of the band’s releases reached UK Indie Charts Top 30. Red Alert broke up in 1985, reformed four years later and continued touring and occasionally recording.
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