Van Doorn

Van Doorn is a toponymic surname of Dutch origin. The original carrier of the name may have been associated with the towns Doorn, Utrecht or Deurne, North Brabant or with a farm, homestead or other place named De(n) Doorn (=”the thorn(bush)”). Variations of the name include Van Dooren, Doorn, Van Doorne, Van Doren, Van Dorin and Van Dorn.
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Apple pie

An apple pie is a pie or a tart, in which the principal filling ingredient is apple. It is, on occasion, served with whipped cream or ice cream on top, (which is known as apple pie a la mode), or alongside cheddar cheese. The pastry is generally used top-and-bottom, making it a double-crust pie; the upper crust may be a circular or a pastry lattice woven of crosswise strips. Depending on the baker’s preference, the bottom of the double-crust may be baked first (before baking the whole pie) to prevent the bottom from getting soggy. Exceptions are deep-dish apple pie, with a top crust only, and open-face Tarte Tatin. The apple pie is one of the United States’ signature comfort foods.
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Liquor store

A liquor store is a retail shop that predominantly sells prepackaged alcoholic beverages — typically in bottles — intended to be consumed off the store’s premises. Depending on region and local idiom (social issue), they may also be called bottle store, off licence, bottle shop, bottle-o, package store (in New England, called a “packie”), ABC store, state store, or other similar terms. Many states and jurisdictions have an alcohol monopoly.
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