De Arend (locomotive)

De Arend (; “the eagle”) was one of the two first steam locomotives in the Netherlands. It was a 2-2-2 “Patentee” type built in England by R. B. Longridge and Company of Bedlington, Northumberland to run on the then standard Dutch track gauge of . On 20 September 1839, together with the “Snelheid” (Dutch for “speed”), it hauled the first train of the Hollandsche IJzeren Spoorweg-Maatschappij between Amsterdam and Haarlem. It was withdrawn in 1857.
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Oriol Roca

Oriol has played and recorded in all types of contexts: jazz bands, improvised music groups, singer-songwriters, projects rooted in folklore, others in the avantgarde tradition. The one thing they share is they all involve people who trust each other as artists and do whatever they do in the most honest possible manner.
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Borsalino is the oldest Italian company specializing in the manufacture of luxury hats. Since 1857, the manufacture is based in Alessandria. The founder, Giuseppe Borsalino, is remembered for creating a particular model of felt hat that has come to be known as a borsalino.
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