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Beautiful Sonakshi Sinha, who made debut with Dabangg has been a busy bee in B town. She has been doing a number of films which are slated for release this year. Sonakshi who is on the weightier side compared to other Bollywood starlets says that she is happy to be so.
“I’ve shed few kilos to make it to the big screen and audiences accepted me as the way I look. There is no need to shed anymore,” Sonakshi Sinha bluntly said. A bit heavy doesn’t bother the audience is what she believes.Sonakshi Sinha brushed off the rumors that read that she is planning to go on a crash diet and gym it out for hours. “I do my regular workouts to stay fit and fine. That is Okay as far as I’m concerned. So the gossips about me feeling bad about my shape can rest in peace,” she told.
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A Muse

A Muse () is a 2012 South Korean film adaptation of celebrated author Park Bum-shin’s novel Eun-gyo. A meditation on aging, art, and loneliness, it follows a 70-year-old poet who falls in love with a high school girl and is inspired to write a short story about her. But his star student, who is jealous of the relationship, steals his literary work.
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