Kader Khan’s health condition serious, is put on a BiPaP ventilator

Veteran Bollywood actor Kader Khan is serious and has been put on a ventilator in Canada. His health condition deteriorated so much that he had to be put on a BiPaP ventilator. The actor has breathing issues and therefore the doctors took this step. He was put on a regular ventilator but since his breathing problem persisted, he was shifted to BiPaP ventilator. Recently, the actor moved to Canada to be with his son and his wife due to deteriorating health condition. He also underwent a knee replacement surgery after which he had difficulty in walking. The actor’s age is 80 plus and his critical health condition is mostly owing to his old age.
Kader’s son spoke to media recently and confirmed that his father has not been keeping too well lately and that he has been taking care of him since many months. The actor does not talk anymore and seldom recognises faces. He is down with a condition called PSP and has also has been displaying symptoms of pneumonia. Let’s hope the actor recovers
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