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Title: A bioeconomia brasileira em números
Authors: Silva, Martim Francisco de Oliveira e; Pereira, Felipe dos Santos; Martins, José Vitor Bomtempo
Abstract: The development of bioeconomy means a promising opportunity for Brazil. Renewable biological resources, as well as waste from extractive, manufacturing and service industries, can be valuable inputs to produce food, chemicals and textiles, among others, all from economic and environmental value. For Brazil, in addition to significant positive effects from the environmental point of view, bioeconomy has a potential for adding value, especially to agribusiness, an activity in which the country is notoriously competitive. This paper aimed to quantify the value of the bioeconomy for Brazil, measuring its contribution to the sales of local economic activities and in other countries, with the support of the 2016’s input-output OECD tables.
Description: Inclui apêndice p. 325-331. Inclui bibliografia: p. 321-342 e Notas de rodapé.

Source : http://web.bndes.gov.br/bib/jspui/handle/1408/15383

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