BUND:Werder Bremen @ Mainz 05 05/12/2018

Home DE BUND:Werder Bremen @ Mainz 05 05/12/2018

There is a 31.0% chance of a draw. In simulations where the game is not a draw Mainz 05, at 40.0%, are solid favorites to beat Werder Bremen who have a 29.0% chance. In simulation wins, Werder Bremen upsets Mainz 05 by averaging 10.0 shots and 3.9 shots on goal. They average 1.9 goals in simulated victories vs just 0.4 in simulation losses. Overall, the average simulation score is Mainz 05 1.2 to Werder Bremen 1.0. AnalysisClick here to read moreClick here to download Free AccuScore App

Source : http://accuscore.com//index.php?option=com_acc_soccer_pick_center&gameid=2108729&ref=acc

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