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The December 2015 Taiz missile attack was a strike carried out by the pro-Saleh Yemeni Army and Houthi militants with a Tochka ballistic missile against a military camp that was being used by troops of the Saudi-led coalition, south-west of the city of Taiz. The strike inflicted numerous casualties on the coalition forces, Reports said that there were 150 casualties in the camp, including 23 Saudi, 16-18 Sudanese, 9 Moroccan, and 7 Emirati servicemen reportedly killed. Large amounts of military material were destroyed, including vehicles and air-defense systems. In addition, Houthi militants claimed to have killed at least 42 mercenaries of the Blackwater private military company in the missile strike, however this is a dubious claim because Blackwater has not operated under that name since 2009, and is now a subsidiary of a larger security company.

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