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Deadman’s Attacks
protect your castle and town left and right : Arrow press shoot: left and right click when hit the shield all zombie dead when hit the green cross you win 100 xp for the castle when castle is 0 xp = game over
Denis got missed in an empty land and got attacked by some weird creatures. Its time for Denis to shoot and move forward to cross 10 exciting levels to escape from the creatures. Kill all the creatures before they totally damage the health of the Denis. Use Arrow keys to control […]
Dr Lee UAssault
The robot invasion is under way! Assist Dr Lee in leading his own mechanical army, using your tactical wit to take down machine menace’s base, and to defend your own! Dr Lee is no coward, though: pick from a selection of weapons, and control the good doctor himself to blast […]
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There are no best players! Play this game to be the

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