Joey Gutierrez

Joey Gutierrez is a writer and producer of sitcoms for American television. His writing credits include “Married… with Children”, “Murphy Brown”, “Martin”, “The Drew Carey Show”, “Yes, Dear” and “Still Standing”. A former stand-up comedian who began performing at the age of sixteen, he also wrote many of Jerry’s routines in the early seasons of “Seinfeld”. He was a co-executive producer of “Yes, Dear”, and then became executive producer of “Still Standing”, along with co-creator Diane Burroughs. Gutierrez is also a member of The Magic Castle. He is represented by the United Talent Agency.
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Tocantins () is one of the states of Brazil. (From: Tukã´, “Toucan” + tï, “beak”. lit. “Toucan’s beak” in Tupi language). It is the newest of the 26 Brazilian states, formed in 1988 and encompassing what had formerly been the northern two-fifths of the state of Goiás. Tocantins covers and has a population of 1,496,880 (2014 est.). Construction of its capital, Palmas, began in 1989; most of the other cities in the state date to the Portuguese colonial period. With the exception of Araguaína there are few other cities with a significant population in the state. The government has invested in a new capital, a major hydropower dam, railroads and related infrastructure to develop this primarily agricultural area.
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Marinho Bertanha

Petra Moser
: w20374
Count data regressions are an important tool for empirical analyses ranging from analyses of patent counts to measures of health and unemployment. Along with negative binomial, Poisson panel regressions are a preferred method of analysis because the Poisson conditional fixed effects maximum likelihood estimator (PCFE) and its sandwich variance estimator are consistent even if the data are not Poisson-distributed, or if the data are correlated over time. Analyses of counts may be affected by correlation in the cross-section. For example, patent counts or publications may increase across related research fields in response to common shocks. This paper shows that the PCFE and its sandwich variance estimator are consistent in the presence of such dependence in the cross-section – as long as sp…
Published: Bertanha Marinho & Moser Petra, 2016. ”
” Journal of Econometric Methods, De Gruyter, vol. 5(1), pages 49-69, January.
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