Offenburg station

Offenburg station is in Baden-Württemberg and has seven tracks on four platforms. Offenburg used to be a railway town and the station was of major economic importance to it. In recent years the maintenance facilities and much of the rail freight yards have been closed. The station is very centrally located within the city and is easily accessible by 18 different bus routes from the central bus station, 50 metres from the railway station.
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Offenburg (“open borough” – coat of arms showing open gates; Fr. “Offenbourg”) is a city located in the state of Baden-Württemberg, Germany. With about 57,000 inhabitants (2013), it is the largest city and the administrative capital of the Ortenaukreis.
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Mick Schumacher

Mick Schumacher (; born 22 March 1999) is a German racing driver. He began his career in karting in 2008, progressing to the German ADAC Formula 4 by 2015. He is the son of Corinna and seven-time Formula One World Champion Michael Schumacher, nephew of former Formula One driver Ralf Schumacher, and stepnephew of Sebastian Stahl.
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Benz Velo

The Benz Velo was one of the first cars. Introduced by Karl Benz in 1894 as the followup to the Patent Motorwagen, the Velo is credited, together with the Duryea Motor Wagon, patented in 1895, as one of two first standardized cars. 67 Benz Velos were built in 1894 and 134 in 1895. The early Velo had a 1L 1.5 hp engine and later a 3 hp engine giving a top speed of 12 mph (20 km/h). The Velo was officially introduced by Karl Benz as the Velocipede, and became the world’s first large-scale production car. The Velocipede remained in production between 1894 and 1902, with a final count of over 1,200 produced. It was the first car introduced to South-Africa and was demonstrated to then President Paul Kruger on 4 January 1897.
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