Sea Hawkers Podcast: 93: 49ers recap, Cowboys preview, discovering the formula for the Seahawks success

For three straight years Seattle has played at the Super Bowl’s location during the regular season and won. This time it’s a 20-3 victory over the 49ers with a dominant defensive performance. However, if you came away from that game feeling like something was missing, Brandan explains why he thinks there’s a really good reason.
Before we get into the matchup with the Cowboys, an email comes in to explain the Seahawks success and failure so far this season. The guys take a look at a Dallas team that looks very different than it did when the season started and a quarterback in Matt Cassel who had a worse quarterback rating with no pressure than Colin Kaepernick had in the game against the Seahawks.
We read your emails and through some discussion we realize the formula for the Seahawks success. In the Do Better segment, Adam voices his frustration with the Cardinals luck so far this season and Brandan talks about why his visit to Levi Stadium was one of the worst experiences he’s had as a

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