September 2015 Ma’rib Toshka missile attack

On 4 September 2015, the Yemeni army launched a OTR-21 Tochka ballistic missile against a military base in Safer, an area in Ma’rib Governorate. The base was being used by military forces of the Saudi-led coalition. The missile hit an ammunition dump, creating a huge explosion which inflicted numerous casualties among coalition troops. 52 UAE , 10 Saudi, and 5 Bahraini soldiers were killed in the attack. In addition, dozens of pro-Hadi Yemeni troops were also killed in the strike.
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September 2012 southern Israel cross-border attack

September 2012 southern Israel cross-border attack refers to an incident on 21 September 2012, when three Egyptian militants, who were dressed in civilian clothes, armed with two explosive belts, and carrying AK-47 rifles and RPG launchers, approached the Egypt-Israel border at an area where the Israel-Egypt barrier remained incomplete, and opened fire on a group of IDF soldiers securing the civilian workers who were constructing the border fence.
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