2018 Nov. 22 ~ The November Full Moon [stacked and reproce…

Photographed from mid-town Toronto, Canada, at 22.15 EST (Moon altitude: 53° | Sun 57° below the horizon)
* Temperature -10° C.

► I have redone this image by stacking multiple identical frames, and reprocessing with a different, more realistic colour balance. ◄

This was the first clear night in some weeks in Toronto. Yes it was very cold, but this was the day when I received my new Nikon Z7 mirrorless camera, and I just had to try it out on the Full Moon. Actually, the Moon was not yet quite full when I got the subframes from which this image was made; it would not reach its full phase for another 2 hours, 26 minutes. Also, the Moon was 5° south of the ecliptic, so we could look "over" the north limb (or edge) of the Moon’s disk, and see some of the shadows inside the craters along the north (upper) limb that are apparent in this view.
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