Abraham and Lot’s conflict

Abraham and Lot’s conflict (, “Merivat Roey Avraham Ve’Roey Lot”) is an event in the Book of Genesis, in the weekly Torah portion, Lech-Lecha, that depicts the separation of Abraham and Lot, as a result of a fight among their shepherds. The dispute ends in a peaceful way, in which Abraham concedes a part of the Promised Land, which belongs to him, in order to resolve the conflict peacefully.
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Abraham bar Hiyya

Abraham bar Ḥiyya’s most influential work is his “Ḥibbūr ha-meshīḥah we-ha-tishboret” (“Treatise on Measurement and Calculation”), a Hebrew treatise on Islamic algebra and practical geometry. It was translated in 1145 into Latin by Plato of Tivoli as “Liber Embadorum” (the same year Robert of Chester translated al-Khwārizmī’s “Algebra”.) It contains the first complete solution of the quadratic equation “x” − “ax” + “b” = 0 known in Europe, and influenced the work of Leonardo Fibonacci.
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Abraham Farley

Abraham Farley (?1712–1791) was a lifelong civil servant, who was appointed deputy chamberlain of the Exchequer in 1736, and soon became involved with the public records at the Chapter House of Westminster Abbey. First amongst these was Domesday Book, of which Farley became custodian, granting visiting antiquaries access to the Book and making transcripts for a fee. In 1753 he was approached by Philip Carteret Webb to make a transcript from Domesday Book; this he did, and, perhaps in return for Webb’s help in raising awareness of Domesday’s importance, waived the usual fee – two years later Webb’s paper on the Book was read to the Society of Antiquaries of London.
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When Nora Fatehi turns choreographer for Nikhil Advani, John Abraham

Actress Nora Fatehi is also a magnificent dancer and her versatility as a dancer has earned her an immense fan following across the world. The dances videos on her YouTube channel and across social media platforms always become an instant hit. To add to that she has been in some brilliant songs like Manohari from […]
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