Day 18: Load middleware conditionally

I’ve introduced a couple of middleware components. Some of them are useful and could be enabled globally, while others might be better enabled on certain conditions. Today we’ll talk about a solution to this. ### Load middleware conditionally Conditional middleware is a super (or meta) middleware that takes one middleware and enable that middleware based on a runtime condition. Let’s take some examples: * You want to enable [JSONP middleware]( only if the path begins with /public * You don’t want to enable [Basic Auth]( if the request comes from local IP We investigated how they deal with situations like…
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Robert Radcliffe-Smith
Managing Partner
Robert joined Advent in 2002. He was previously with National Australia Investment Capital, NAB’s mid-market private equity division, for five years and prior to that he spent eight years with KPMG in corporate services, corporate recovery and corporate finance, where he was involved in numerous mergers and acquisitions (M&A), valuation and due diligence assignments for mid-market businesses.
Robert has successfully led all aspects of the investment cycle including origination, due diligence, structuring, investment management and divestment. At Advent, he has been a director of businesses undergoing MBOs, expansion and generational change. Robert is currently a director of SILK Laser, Frosty Boy and Trivantage. He has also been involved in Advent’s investments; Tesa, UGM, Integral Diagnostics, Gourmet Garden and SCADAgroup (the winner of the 2010 AVCAL best mid-market buyout award).
Robert holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Deakin University, is
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