Allen Weisselberg’s House

Allen Weisselberg’s HouseBy jdubble07 (2018-07-27)Allen Weisselberg is the CFO of The Trump Organization. Weisselberg began his career as an accountant for Fred Trump, Donald’s father, working his way up through the company.

It has been reported by The Wall Street Journal that it was Weisselberg who signed off on the $35,000 monthly retainer, paid to Donald’s ‘fixer’, Michael Cohen, which was used to pay off Stormy Daniels, with hom Donald had an affair, shortly after the birth of his son, Baron.

Interestingly, Weisselberg’s home is two houses away from Rhona Graff, Senior Vice President of the Trump Organization and the woman long described as Donald’s ‘gatekeeper’.

Weisselberg also owns an apartment on Riverside Drive in Manhattan.
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