Luiz Castanho de Almeida

Luiz Castanho de Almeida (Guareí, November 6, 1904 – Sorocaba, February 28, 1981) was a priest, historian and writer. Son of Colonel Anibal Castanho de Almeida and Ana Candida Rolim. He published several books under the pseudonym of Aluisio de Almeida. In 1918, he entered the seminary and attended Philosophy and Theology. Was ordered a priest on May 8, 1927, the Sorocaba Metropolitan Cathedral. After serving as a priest in Itararé, Itapetininga and Guareí in 1933 moved to Sorocaba, where he moved and took over the parish of “Bom Jesus dos Aflitos”, in the neighborhood Alem-ponte, Sorocaba. Between 1940 and 1944, he was rector of the diocesan Minor Seminary of São Carlos Borromeu of Sorocaba. He became nationally known for her articles that discuss about folklore, customs, history, biography, and religion. He worked devotedly for the preservation of memory of Sorocaba. He left some 22 books published and unpublished, which are on file of the Historical, Geographical and Genealogical Ins
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