University of Oklahoma Army ROTC

The University of Oklahoma Army ROTC (Reserve Officer Training Corps) is the primary officer training and commissioning program at the University of Oklahoma and one of the oldest in the nation, having existed in some form since the First World War. It is known as the “Sooner Battalion” and is notable for having produced thousands of officers for the United States Army, including 19 general officers. It is led by three officers and two noncommissioned officers.
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Oklahoma Army National Guard

The Oklahoma Army National Guard is the Army National Guard component of the Oklahoma National Guard. The Commander in Chief of the Oklahoma National Guard is the Governor of Oklahoma, who appoints the State Adjutant General (TAG), a Major General from either Army or Air. Currently, the TAG is Major General (MG) Michael C. Thompson, formerly director of the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety. The previous TAG was MG Robbie Asher.
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