Pak Kret

Pak Kret () is a city (“thesaban nakhon”) in Nonthaburi Province, Thailand. It lies in the Central Thai plains on the east bank of the lower Chao Phraya River, bordering Bangkok to the east, Nonthaburi City to the south, and Pathum Thani Province to the north. It is part of the Bangkok Metropolitan Region megalopolis. With a registered population of 178,907, Pak Kret is the third most populous city (“nakon”) in Thailand.
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Paks is a town in Tolna county, central Hungary, on the banks of the Danube River. Paks is the home of the only Hungarian nuclear power plant, which provides about 40% the country’s electricity.
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Ban Pako

Ban Pako, also known as Ban Pako Eco Resort, is an ecotourist resort lodge and ancient site along the Nam Ngum River, approximately 50 kilometres northeast of Vientiane, Laos. The area is a major archaeological significance with the remains on an ancient temple which has been excavated and revealed evidence of ancient metal working and textile making in the area and that the inhabitants had advanced skills in pottery. The resort has 22 rooms and the buildings are low and made traditionally with thatched roofs.
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Ban Nampo

Ban Nampo is a village in Vientiane Province, Laos. It is located north along Route 13 from Vang Vieng, not far from the eastern bank of the Nam Song River. The Nam Po River flows into the Nam Song to the south. To the north is the village of Pak Pok.
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