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Facebook real-name policy controversy

The Facebook real-name policy controversy refers to the controversy over social networking site Facebooks “real-name system” dictating how people register their accounts and configure their user profiles. The controversy stems from a policy that those who have been adversely affected describe as penalizing users who are in fact using their real names which Facebook has...


Facebook Testing AR Ads on News Feeds

According to a new report, Facebook is now testing augmented reality advertisements on its news feed in preparation for the “holiday shopping season.” The ads will let users “virtually interact” with various advertisers’ products—ranging from Sephora and Bobbi Brown to Pottery Barn—on their AR-enabled mobile devices. One ad may let a user try on a...


AR Wars: A New Hope for Snapchat

Well, maybe try to squeeze it in some time before then.   AR Wars: A New Hope For Snapchat? Augmented Reality has been the talk of tech town for a while, but as Miami-Dade Detective Marcus Burnett might say: That’s because two major platforms – first Facebook and Snapchat shortly after – opened up their...