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New Dawn by Daniela Schweinsberg

“New Dawn” is a large abstract with visible brushstrokes and textures in bright colours. It plays with contrasts – between the bright colours in contrast to white and grey or fine lines of graphite…


New Dawn on Steam

New Dawn is a survival sandbox open-world multiplayer game set on an island during the golden age of piracy


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History Revealed magazine, a new title from Immediate Media, which is brimming with historical biographies, forgotten photographs and fascinating facts. I have the enviable job of producing illustrated maps which document famous historical journeys of caricatured heroes and villians, and unusual characters, who have either triumphed or perished in their lofty pursuits. So far, we’ve...


Dawn (comics)

Dawn is an American comic book series created by artist Joseph Michael Linsner. The title character first appeared on the cover of “Cry for Dawn” #1 (December 1989) before being featured in her own one-shot drama from new publisher Sirius Entertainment, and then the mini-series “Dawn: Lucifer’s Halo”, “Dawn: Return of the Goddess”, and “Dawn:...