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What we see in a toilet
We see health, privacy and safety. We see opportunity for a bright future. We see time – time to work, time to go to school and time to play.
It’s more than a place to go
1 in 3 people around the world lack access to a toilet. This means 2.3 billion people spend their time or risk their health and safety looking for a private place to go. empowers people with access to small, affordable loans to fund their own sanitation solutions, because access to a toilet means more than a place to go.
This World Toilet Day, donate to and give people in need access to toilets and so much more.
1 in 3
people lack access to a toilet
For Alemtsenay, it’s health and safety
For families like Alemtsenay’s, a toilet at home means health and safety. Alemtsenay and her family often suffered from typhoid and malaria. When sick, they couldn’t go to work or school. When Alemtsenay’s husband started working at the local hospital, the couple learned that o

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