America, Their America

America, Their America (1964) is a personal journal and travelogue by Nigerian writer J. P. Clark. It was written after Clark spent eight months in the United States studying at Princeton University (on a fellowship from which he was terminated). The book created controversy because of its attacks on American life-styles and values. The book has been noted for its fusion of autobiography and travelogue into what one critic called an “autotravography”.
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Americas Last Days

illustrated visions of aa allen, william branham, dumitru duduman, David E Taylor, Ken Peters , john mcternan, john kilpatrick, Henry Gruver, tom deckard, john paul jackson, about the destruction of america by russia and the timelines leading to the last days tribulation and the return of jesus.
i am an artist illustrating visions from the lord given to prophets and ministers. Thank you for your support.
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