Mis días con Gloria

Mis días con Gloria is a 2010 Argentine film, starring Isabel Sarli and Luis Luque. The film is considered the come back of Isabel Sarli since the 1996 film, La Dama Regresa. The film received mixed reviews and, in a radio interview, Sarli said the film had not gone well because of the poor promotion it had received.
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Chris Chameleon

Chris Chameleon (born 28 July 1971) is a South African musician. He was previously the lead singer and bass guitarist for the band Boo!, but is currently a solo artist. Chris has experience as an actor, making his debut in Franz Marx’s Sonkring in the early 1990s, performing a role on 7de Laan as a musician, and starring in the South African soap opera, Binneland Sub Judice.
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