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Jim Merkel

Jim Merkel (born 1957) is an American author and engineer, who moved from involvement in the military industry to advocating simple living. Since 1989, Merkel has dedicated himself to trying to reduce his personal impact on the environment and to encourage others to do the same.


Merkel cell

Merkel cells, also known as Merkel-Ranvier cells or tactile epithelial cells, are oval-shaped mechanoreceptors essential for light touch sensation and found in the skin of vertebrates. They are abundant in highly sensitive skin like that of the fingertips in humans, and make synaptic contacts with somatosensory afferent nerve fibers. Although uncommon, these cells may become...


Merkel: I will not be weaker on world stage

German chancellor Angela Merkel said on Tuesday her stepping down as leader of her CDU party will not weaken her on the world stage. “I don’t believe that anything will change about the negotiating position in international negotiations – one can even say…