Warriors (arc)

Warriors: The Prophecies Begin is the first story arc in the “Warriors” juvenile fantasy novel series about anthropomorphic feral cats. The arc comprises six novels which were published from 2003 to 2004: “Into the Wild”, “Fire and Ice”, “Forest of Secrets”, “Rising Storm”, “A Dangerous Path”, and “The Darkest Hour”. The novels are published by HarperCollins under the pseudonym Erin Hunter, which refers to authors Kate Cary and Cherith Baldry and plot developer/editor Victoria Holmes. The sub-series details the adventures of the housecat Rusty, who joins ThunderClan, one of four Clans of feral cats living in a forest which adjoins the human town in which he originally lives. The arc’s major themes deal with forbidden love, the concept of nature versus nurture, and characters being a mix of good and bad. Though the novels have appeared on the “New York Times” Bestseller List and have been nominated for several awards, none of the novels in the “Warriors” sub-series have won a significan
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Warriors’ Day

Warriors’ Day (; ) is a day in Malaysia that commemorates the servicemen killed during the two World Wars and the Malayan Emergency. By extension, it honours all individuals who lost their lives in the line of duty throughout Malaysia’s history. Until 2010, every year on 31 July, the King and the Prime Minister as well as senior representatives of the Royal Malaysian Police and the Armed Forces gathered at the National Monument in Lake Gardens to lay wreaths and pay homage to Malaysia’s fallen heroes. They now gather at Merdeka Square, Kuala Lumpur, or in Kem Perdana in Sungai Besi, also in KL (the 2014 event was held there).
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